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United States Congress

Rep. Tom Kean, Jr.

New Jersey

Sen. Steve Oroho

Asm. Parker Space

Asm. Hal Wirths


Sussex County

Constitutional Officers


Gary Chiusano

Sheriff Mike Strada

County Clerk

Jeffrey M. Parrott



Chris Carney, Director

Herb Yardley, Dep. Dir.

Dawn Fantasia

Jill Space

William Hayden


Herb Yardley

Jill Space Dawn Fantasia William Hayden Chris Carney
Sussex County Board of County Commissioners


Proudly Representing The Strongest

Republican County In New Jersey!

        Welcome to the Sussex County Republican Committee!  Thank you for visiting the website of the Sussex County Republican Committee.  Whether you are a resident of the county, a supporter of our Party, or a voter seeking more information, we hope that this website serves as a useful resource for you.  Here you can find information on the Republican Party, our elected officials in Sussex County, and a variety of upcoming events.

        Simply put, Sussex County is the strongest Republican county in New Jersey, having delivered one of the largest margins of victory for both President Trump and our Republican Governor in their last elections.  We are proud that all three of our state legislators, our entire Board of Commissioners, all our Constitutional officers, as well as a significant majority of local officials call the Republican Party home.  It is because of these hard-working Republican leaders that Sussex County is bucking the trend in New Jersey with conservative principles that have protected our quality of life.

        We hope that you will join our Party.  If you have any questions about the Sussex County Republican Committee, please do not hesitate to contact us.  And please come back again!


                                  Jerry Scanlan




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The Honorable Jerry Scanlan, Chairman    P.O. Box 425  Newton, NJ 07860

Phone: (973) 500-8121

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